Corporate Fitness

Sick leave cost employers €380m in 2018 with an average loss of over 9 days per year per employee.

Daily light exercise has been proven to guarantee a 25% drop in these figures.


All too often employees see the ‘buzz’ words, Work/Life balance but do they see your corporate commitment to this process or just simply ‘lip service’?

Invest now, in the future of your employees and impress upon them your organisation’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.

With more employees working from home its vitally important to get Work-Life Balance correct.


In just a very short time, the way we work has drastically changed due to the global pandemic, for most of us, we have had to be more creative, determined, inventive and accepting of this change.

Accreditation such as the KeepWell Mark from IBEC.

our approach

Our programs focus on the key areas of workplace well-being ranging from leadership, mental health and absence management to physical activity and healthy eating which ultimately means an increase in performance.

Happy employees are productive employees and they are innovative and goal orientated.

Organisations can offer their employees an easy payment by payroll deduction.


At Lifestyle Fitness we have spent a significant amount of time developing the culture in our gym. We invest in our members. We get to know them, their loves, their hates, their determination, their goals, their failures and their successes (and we celebrate them all).

This culture is not dissimilar to what we might expect to see in all good organisations.

We offer a substantial corporate discounts.


Read our blog post to learn more about the measures that we have put in place to provide a safe training environment during COVID-19.

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