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We offer a variety of goal-oriented classes that will allow you to #bethebestversionofyou

Check out our class descriptions below.

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Body Blast

40min circuit class, always different, never the same workout twice


Body Sculpt

Full hour of Circuit training


Body Pump

Barbells at the ready and enjoy a great class to the beat of the music



Bums, Legs, and Tums are all properly HIIT in this class


Extreme Lean

This class is designed to melt Body Fat quickly, bring on the sweatfest



High Intensity Plyometric Class, who loves Burpees, Jump Squats and Box Jumps? there won’t be much left in the tank after this one



If this training technique is good enough for the Navy Seals, it’s good enough for me


Pscycle 101

SPINNING for newbies


Pscycle ‘n Core

shorter spin class finished off with 15 Minutes of Rock Hard Abs


Pscycle HIIT 

SPINNING with a variation of different high intensity intervals


Box Fit

A new take on Boxercise, time to get the gloves on, let’s find out if your a lover or a fighter



Workout of the Day, Crossfit inspired class – trainers choice



Exercise to Music so dust off the Leotards and Leg Warmers out, Calling all Jane Fonda wanabees this ones for you.



shorter spin class with condition of either, Kettlebells, Barbells or Dumbells


Kettlebell Chaos

High Intensity class using kettle bells as main influence


Pure S & C – Good Old Fashioned Strength and Conditioning