Ciaran Bates

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Ciaran Bates


Name: Ciaran Bates

I have been physically active all my life. I have been training in gyms since I was 17. When I was 23 I took into endurance sports and competed nationally and internationally in triathlons ranging from sprint to IRONMAN distance.

My passion for health and fitness has always been at the forefront of my life. I believe I can turn anyone’s life around when it comes to physical and mental change. It’s not an easy road for anyone starting out but I believe everyone can find a form of exercise that benefits their wellbeing.

I have worked in various strength and conditioning facilities in Wexford and Waterford over the past 8 years and I have gained invaluable knowledge from my peers which I put into practice today.

I believe everyone’s training style is different and I am equipped with the skill set to help you accomplish your goals. There are no quick fixes, everything in life in moderation.